Teen Camp Session 4: Who is Jesus…God or Fraud?

September 28, 2016

Session 4: Who is Jesus…God or Fraud? Topics: Do we have historically reliable information on Jesus? Was Jesus a lunatic, liar, or who He claimed to be? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Or were his disciples deceived or deceivers? If God became a man, what would that look like?


Teen Camp Session 3: Is the Bible God’s Word?: The Handbook of Proofs for Divine Inspiration

September 12, 2016

If God wrote a book, what characteristics would it have? Reliable guide to history, fulfilled prophecies, accurate insight into life, unified themes, enduring, and life changing power? The Bible fits each of these descriptions. In this podcast I look at evidence for the divine inspiration of the Bible, and how to use your hand to remember seven categories of evidence (credit to Greg Koukl  for the original idea). I also briefly examine if we have accurate copies of the original texts or if thousands of years of copying by hand distorted the text.


Teen Camp Session 2: Does God exist? and the Problem of Evil

August 29, 2016

I look at some evidence for the existence of God, but also tackle some of the emotional arguments that are used to deny God's existence.


Teen Camp Session 1: Does Truth Matter?

August 26, 2016

The next 9 podcasts are a series of talks I gave at a Teen Camp in the States in 2015. This first one examines the issues of truth and beliefs. Why should we believe anything? Is religion a private matter that may be true for you but not for me? These are critical issues that will determine your destiny. 


Personal Evangelism Session 9: “The Plight of the Lost.”

August 23, 2016

Session 9 “The Plight of the Lost.” Topics: Why evangelize? How does the Bible tell us to witness? The emptiness of those who are outside of Christ. How does God see the non-believer?


Personal Evangelism Session 8: “How to memorize Scripture”

June 20, 2016

Session 8: “How to memorize Scripture” Topics: New techniques that are guaranteed to make scripture memory easier, and help with longer retention.


Personal Evangelism Session 7 “Dealing with objections”

June 14, 2016

Session 7 “Dealing with objections” Topics: Strategies for dealing with common objections. Concise apologetics arguments that work in real life conversations. Objections covered, “There is no God.” “How can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world?” “Jesus was just a myth.” “The Bible is a man-made book full of contradictions.” “God won’t send anyone to hell.” “The church is full of hypocrites.”


Personal Evangelism Session 6: “Dealing With Doubt”

June 8, 2016

Session 6 “Dealing With Doubt” Topics: My personal journey with doubt and the truths that strengthened my faith.


Personal Evangelism Session 5: “The Ambassadors methods”

June 3, 2016

Session 5 “The Ambassadors methods.” Topics: How questions can move people farther along than answers will. Questions that can turn conversations toward spiritual ideas. Conversation starters.


Personal Evangelism Session 4: “Worldview Awareness”

June 1, 2016

Session 4 “Worldview Awareness” Topics: What is a worldview? Objective Truth vs. Subjective Truth. Worldview and Evangelism. False Worldviews. Strategies for discerning and exposing a false worldview.